Did Not Choose KRI Base On Anmol’s Stardom, Says Aditi Budathoki


KRI’ actress Aditee Budathoki interacted with the media at the meet and greet event in Kathmandu on Sunday.

She had organized a press meet where she spoke about her movie and modeling careers.
Speaking at the press meet, the debutant said she chooses to work in a movie if it has an interesting script and cooperative team members rather than depending on any male actor’s stardom. She added, “For me, it doesn’t matter that my co-actor is a star or a newcomer.

Nevertheless, the script and team are key factors which help me to choose a film.”Upon being asked by journalists why she rejected an offer to work with actor Anmol KC in ‘Dreams’, she clarified that she was studying in school, and was waiting for a perfect script instead of being regretful.

Budathoki also informed that actress Priyanka Karki was her inspiration, while she wished to work in romantic films with actors Pradeep Khadka and Ashirman Deshraj Joshi.
“It doesn’t matter if a movie has high or low budget. I’d love to work for a low budget movie if it has an excellent script,” she said when asked why she had chosen only high budget movies as of yet. Her debut movie ‘KRI’ is one of the high budget movies.

According her, ‘KRI’ is a sentimental and comic movie, and audiences of all age groups enjoy the film. ‘KRI’ is all set to hit the theatres on February 9.


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