Dayahang-Shweta Starrer KANCHHI Embark The Journey To Nationwide Promotion


Romantic drama ‘Kanchhi’ has geared up for its nationwide campaign. Lead actors’ duo Dayahang Rai and Shweta Khadka started their mofusal visit from Chitawan on Monday.

In an organized press meet on Monday, Dayahang and Shweta have tried to appeal for local audiences. Shweta tried to make intimacy with Chitawan saying with the place is her maternal home.

Khadka got nostalgic when she remembered the shooting of her debut movie ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’, in an opposite with late Shree Krishna Shrestha. Gyanu Ragmi, wife of late director Shiva Regmi blessed to Shweta and wished for success of ‘Kanchhi.’

Actor Rai seems optimistic about the movie and said, the movie is based on real based content, which will be preferred by audience. ‘Kanchhi is all about the happy and sorrow of female’ Dayahang said, ‘This will essay the feelings of female.’

Dayahang also shared the interesting moment of shooting set. Shweta, Kameshwor and Dayahang are in lead role and Yam Thapa have written the movie.

Movie also stars Neer Shah, Anu Shah, Bhumika Shrestha and artist from theatres. Songs of the movie have been composed by Rajan Raj Shiwakoti and number ‘Chari Chatta Pari..’ already stole the heart of audience.

Movie slated to release on 4th Falgun.


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