Dayahang Rai on Appa and Character, Here’s How He Tackle The Emotion?


The movie ‘Appa’, starring Dayahang Rai is landing in theatre on 28th June at across Nepal. The movie chronicles the journey of a father and son, where Mr Dayahang has played in as Appa aka father. After super-hit flick ‘Jatrai jatra’, Appa is another treat of Mr Rai to the audience.

Talking with MM regarding the Appa, Dayahang seems quite optimistic that the movie will captivate the emotion of audience. ‘The strength of this movie is emotion, even who prefer larger than life content, they also would like this drama’ he said, ‘Emotion is powerful, where you came from that doesn’t matter’.

‘Movie will say about the time and its relativity’ Dayahang says, ‘in long term, it will help to know the study about undercurrent society even after decade.’ He stressed on to produce such movies to tell our own stories.

He recalled some memories of shooting, while he was in Darjeeling of India. ‘Movie will reflect the mood of Darjeeling and its people because; even after colonial-era, Darjeeling is still struggling to find out its identity of nationality, culture and language.

‘When you stand in the highway of Kalimponmg, you will find the Nepal in your right side and india in left, then you start to think why we were divided despite same nationalism and cultural values’ Dayahang recalled.

In the movie, he has been portraying the role of a driver and met accident while driving on the hill of Kalimpong. Anmol Gurung directorial drama takes the audience with its intimate journey of father and his son.


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