Dayahang Rai and Deeya Pun Starrer MR. JHOLAY Announces Winner of Cover Song Competition


Dayahang Rai and Deeya Pun starrer rom-com drama ‘Mr. Jholay’ has announced the winners of cover song competition on its one of the catchiest songs, ‘Okhati’.

Makers and artists handed the prize to winners. Cristal Klaws Crew bagged the top prize while Kisan and dance crew and the dynamic crew won second and third prize. Winners took 1.55 lacs, 1.25 lacs and 1.05 lacs Npr. respectively.

The song, ‘Okhati’ has been super hit in YouTube and getting more viewership as release date has been inching closer. Actors duo Dayahang Rai and Deeya Pun were attended in the ceremony with crews.

Movie also stars Barsha Raut, Buddhi Gurung, Puskar Gurung, Aruna karki, Prabin Khatiwada and Bijaya Baral. Since its trailer, the movie is getting its hype indeed. The movie has been produced by Teken Khadka and Cinema Arts and helmed by Ram babu Gurung.

Movie will hit the theaters on 28th Push.

Winner Video :


Second Video :


Third Video :


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