Could ‘Bulbul’ Place In The Oscars Shortlist This Week, Here’s What Intl Media Are Saying On Race ?


More than 80 movies have been submitted to the Oscar race for Best International Film, the new name for what until now has been known as the Best Foreign-Language Film category.

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 1, and the Academy will announce the full list of qualifying films a few days after that deadline, after vetting all entries to make sure they qualify.

The clear front-runners in the first batch of entries are two films that won awards in Cannes, both of which have their sights set on landing Oscar nominations outside the international category:

South Korea’s “Parasite,” a virtuosic black comedy which won the Palme d’Or and could make a serious run at Best Picture and Best Director for Bong Joon Ho; and Spain’s “Pain and Glory,” a semi-autobiographical fantasia from Pedro Almodovar that found Antonio Banderas winning Cannes’ best-actor award for his quietly gripping performance as an Almodovar-like director.

Here’s question that could Nepal’s ‘Bulbul’ be able to place in top nine ? Since few years, the Academy does unveil top nine shortlisted movies. Critically acclaimed ‘Bulbul’ was critically hit within the country. Could it break the Oscar barriers after long time of Himalayan (Caravan).

All eyes are in towards the possible Oscar shortlist in this week. Where, Bulbul is strong contender, but it has to go long mile away.

Director: Binod Paudel
The three-wheeled, battery-powered vehicles used as taxis and known as tempos are predominantly driven by men in Nepal, but Paudel’s film focuses on a young mother who does the job. Nepali actress and music-video model Swastima Khadka plays the lead role.


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