‘Chini Kam Rang Kada’ Movie Review : … And That Was The Beginning



Due to ongoing pandemic, many Nepali movies ready to be showcased in theaters are now waiting for the COVID -19 vaccine to be ready for the common public. Meanwhile, makers of a recent venture has decided not to wait for the medical emergency to be over and has decided to test themselves in the public eye by releasing their product via Amazon Prime through July 1st, 2020. This Bibek Ghimire directorial titled Chini Kam Rang Kada(CKRK) is the story of two mismatched couples, whose relationships go sour due to life choices made by the male counterparts.

Let me begin by stating the obvious. Just as the title suggests, the tea is the brand beverage of the movie and the magnitude of sweetness is much less in comparison to its grimier outlook. CKRK fits all the bills to be called as an off-beat cinema but when more and more cinemas of this kind are being made in Nepali movie industry, off-beat has become the new mainstream.

The movie starts with the conflict in a couple as the male character deviates from the plan to go to Australia together and wishes to remain here and work as a musician for Nepali movies. They both reach the point of no return and decide to part their ways. And just as any other break ups, the girl cries at the beginning while the boy, obviously sometimes after. As the girl decides to happily move to Australia, the boy turns drunkard and while searching for his soul presumably, he meets another girl, a tea seller. What follows is in accordance with little hints the makers drop in the proceedings but the climax is the height of unpredictability, with mixed feelings for the viewers.

Performance wise, the ensemble cast is a step above the run-of-the-mill Nepali movies. Manav has that lazy yet innocent look that suits his hapless character torn between his love and career, but that’s it. There is so much linearity in his character that as a viewer you don’t care what he does after he breaks up from his girlfriend. Anu is notable at times yet she is just as ordinary as Surya. However, it is SushilSitaula who is without a doubt the best of the lot here. His demeanor, body language and facial expressions are near perfect and absolutely suits the complexity of the character he portrays onscreen.

The cruelty of the ending in writing is not matched by the development of the first half, which goes well into the second half as well. The style of showing unpredictable violence almost the trademark of Korean art house cinemas while normalcy is prevailing is used to establish the characters. However Sushil’s character needed more screen time to be established as viewers really crave for the reason behind his criminal personality but are left empty handed.

The music is situational and goes alright with the tone of the movie but only for the beginning and mid-section. Camera positioning could have been better to make scenes more effective. Cinematographic techniques such as zooming in and out, camera movement, positioning and angle are not used widely, and this has given the movie a tone of rigidity.

I want to refrain from disclosing the content any more as the revelation towards the end is the highlight of the movie. Story telling towards the end starts to engage you more and more but it ends right when you feel like you want to have more. Especially, you want to know more about the back story of Sushil’s character which you’d think would be the beginning of a sequel to this movie. With mundane first half and above average second half, it nearly misses the target of audience expectation.

Movie: Chini Kam Rang Kada
Producer: Ganesh Dev Panday
Director: Bibek Ghimire
Cast: Manav Subedi, Sushil Sitaula, Anu Thapa, Surya Thapa, Rabin Jung Thapa, Jiwan Bhattrai, Prakash Bhujel et al.


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