Chinese film fest kicks off


The annual Chinese Film Festival kicked off amid a ceremony at the QFX kumari in Kathmandu on Tuesday. The 4 days long festival, organized by World Cultural Net, will see the screening of five movies.

The event was inaugurated by Minister for Culture, tourism and civil aviation Rabindra Adhikari. The inauguration function was followed by the documentary ‘China : From The Above’, which depicts the rise and development of northern neighbor.

“China has a large movie industry and with Nepal being a close neighbor, we could emerge as a wonderful shooting location for Chinese movies,” Minister Adhikari, addressing the opening ceremony. Nepal has served as a shooting location for Chinese movies in the past, including the 2013 hit Deng Feng Lai (Up in the Wind).

He also stated on need to exchange the movie culture and marketing. ‘We need exchange between the movie industry in China and Nepal’ he said.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi, who was also present at the opening, echoed the sentiment, while adding that cinema makes for a great medium for the exchange of cultures and perspectives, making it an effective tool in strengthening bilateral ties.

Speaking about the fest, chair of World Cultural Net Deepak Sarkarl said: “We have been holding this film fest every year since 2000 with the goal of strengthening the cultural ties between Nepal and China. We have had a long history with China in terms of trade and politics but through the centuries cultural exchanges were really transpired. So, the primary motive of the fest is to promote bilateral cultural exchange and to let people know more about the Chinese society.”


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