‘Chhakka Panja 4’ Production Cancelled Amid Pandemic Crisis


The production of the much awaited ‘Chhakka Panja 4’ has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, producer Deepak Raj Giri informed to MM. Earlier, The Dashain 2077 release was set for this tent-pole.

‘We have cancelled the plan for CP4 now,’ he said, ‘Instead, we will produce another movie for the new Year 2078.’ According to him, writing the script for this new one has been started.

Mr Giri is planning to bring CP4 in Dashain next year. ‘I think, the situation won’t be normal for the movie industry in this Dashain’ he said, ‘That’s why we decided to move on’.

Before the Pandemic, at least 10 movies were planning to come in Dashain 2077. Even, movies like Premgeet and Chapali Height are not in mood to being release in festive season.

There are huge numbers of Hollywood and Bollywood biggies, which are in pipeline of the post-pandemic release including Disney’s Mulan and James Bond series. ‘Definitely, it will disturb for the release of Nepali movies’ Mr Giri said.

The Coronavirus outbreak is disrupting entertainment events in Nepal and around the world, from the theatrical releases of big tentpoles to the launch of film festivals.


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