Chha Maya Chhapakkai’s Life Time Collection Would Be 12 Crores So far, Says Deepak Raj Giri


The movie Chha Maya Chhapakkai is doing phenomenal business at the Nepal Box Office. Even its 17 days, the social drama flick is running with good shows and occupancy at urban based plexes.

Talking with MM, actor and producer Mr Deepak Rag Giri informed that the life time collection of CMC would be Rs 12 crores so far. ‘The collection will be wrapping up in 12 crores’ he said during the Deusi Bhailo program at QFX Kumari on Sunday.

He also informed that from the overseas, the movie is being demanded in high note. ‘Our success proved that even in non-holiday we can get success’ he said, ‘The craze and content speaks itself, not the holiday loaded date.’

Mr Giri also informed that he has a script and if it complete, he would bring this movie in Chaitra month. However, hie didn’t specific, which project might come.


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