Changa Chet: The Title Track of Ayushman Desraj’s Movie is Refreshing, Catchy And Deserves A Big ‘Yay’


After the blockbuster song ‘Goji ma daam chhaina’ from Dipendra K Khanal’s “Changa Chet”, the makers have released the title track of the movie. Just as the movie and trailer, the song is equally intriguing, catchy and captivating.

The song titled Changa Chet features Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi and supporting actors of the movie. This song that leaves you quite surprised and nostalgic too. The track begins with the sorrowfulness of the lead actor and wraped up the same emotion.

Kosis Chhetri has been composed and penned the song and provided vocals for this number. Just like the actor, even we feel that the song is the perfect concoction of pain of life in this catchy track by Chhetri is going to be one of the major highlights of the movie.

Do you agree? While the gripping trailer of Changa Chet has received rave reviews and owing to its intriguing storyline, we can’t wait to watch the movie.

The social drama movie is all about the conflict between class struggle of people who have and have not. ‘Pashupati Prasad’ famed director Dipendra K Khanal and blockbuster ‘Loot’ producer Madhav Wagle team up for the movie, while ‘Love Love Love’ famed producer Sharmila Pandey come up with her second project.

movie is all set to release on 2nd November, 2018 !


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