CAPTAIN Movie Review : A Starry Ride For Anmol, Zigzagged One For Viewers


Rating : 3.5/10

A boy grows up in Dharampur, Jhapa to fulfill his father’s dream of becoming a medal winner by playing in the Nepali national soccer team one day. He has a girl-next-door friend who never leaves him in his thick and thin. An unforeseen turn of event forces the boy to quit his dream. Later, a casual half-chance comes his way and gives him the opportunity to shine in the field once again. He then rises to stardom with the help from people around him. No prize for guessing whether he wins medal as a Nepali national soccer player here.

This Diwakar Bhattrai helmed venture attempts to be a sports drama but takes a gradual turn into a love triangle in an unconvincing way. It is almost as if the director himself is confused what exactly is he trying to present. Perhaps, it was felt necessary to add a love triangle to keep (and cash-in on) Anmol’s lover boy image intact, but this has been the biggest let down of the movie as it makes the movie very shallow. Anmol’s fan will love this nonetheless as he is made out as the biggest thing in the movie, bigger than the story, bigger than his character and bigger than everyone else in the movie, or bigger than the movie itself.

Captain’s CGI scenes, especially when Anmol is showing his shooting and dribbling skills are so preposterous that it looks like a bad attempt to copy scenes from Saolin Soccer. Even the ball looks funny. There are multiple occasions where characters’ lips are moving without any audible dialogues, and dialogues are inserted when no one is speaking. Background score is so loud and melodramatic at times that it makes you feel as if the director wants the score to make up for hastily established story-line, easily forgettable soundtracks, clichéd dialogues and even those done and dusted formulaic scenes.

Other than showcasing Anmol’s boyish charm, there’s nothing in the movie that has been paid sincere attention to. There are some effective scenes such as confrontation between Anmol and Sunil Thapa and when Anmol tries to convince his mother but there are way more unconvincing and ridiculous contents in the movie. To begin with, Anmol is visibly shy and hams in entirety when he takes the role of a soccer player in the field. The climax is so dragged and predictable with ending so absurd that you just can’t wait this affair full of creative dearth to be over.

This movie is more like producer Bhuwan KC’s attempt at making easy money by cashing in on his son’s stardom. A major consolation to sit through this lazy affair is rare occasions of laughs and the presence of Upasana Singh Thakuri. She may not have super gorgeous look but her convincing performance and innocent look makes you want to root for her. Anmol gives better performance as a good son and a romantic lover boy, but is not convincing as a soccer star. An avoidable affair if you are not an Anmol fan.

Producer: Bhuwan KC
Director: Diwakar Bhattrai
Cast: Anmol KC, Upasana Singh Thakuri, Wilson Bikram Rai, Saroj Khanal, Suryamala Khanal, Pryanka MV, Amit Shrestha, Buddhi Tamang, Sunil Thapa, Prashant Tamrakar, Rajaram Paude.


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