‘Captain’ is not Against India, Says Director Diwakar Bhattarai : INTERVIEW


Mr. Diwakar Bhattarai is a director and screen writer. His latest feature movie ‘Captain’ set to release on 1st March, 2019. He sits with the MOVIEMANDU and talked about the premise and concept of the ‘Captain’. EXCERPT :

As a storyteller, are you convinced with the ‘Captain’, tell us an honest answer.
We can speak lie to other, not ourselves. When creation comes, we can’t speak lie. About the movie, audience and my experience have been matched though. My realization about earlier movies is that, in some projects i had made mistake in screenplay and style of narration, audience felt same realization, which I had thought.

To the Captain, this is my first time that I took long breathe. I am convinced and confident with my works in this movie. I really convinced with ‘Captain’. The story line of the movie has related with feelings and this is motivational too, screenplay is content driven and engaging, I have tried to good narrate and control upon characters. That’s why ‘Captain’ makes me convince.

Diwakar Bhattarai during the talk with moviemandu on Tuesday, 12th February, 2019 at Kathmandu.

How is it comfortable and easy to make the movie in Nepal with ‘star’ like Anmol KC? Isn’t there market pressure and expectation from audience?
Director is the captain of the ship and everything. But, I do not get credit in the success of movie. The biggest disadvantage to work with the star is get accusation when film flops and landed in problem. However production and artist will get credit and merits. This is big pressure is that to do creative work under the shadow of star.

Firstly, there should be creative work and then come star. But in Nepal and India, there is a huge problem about it. Star is not big rather script and creativity. I already make up the mind that I will get discredit and cast and production will get credit. It was tough job for me that bring the Anmol KC in character without his star image as well as to continue the pattern if Kajol Films.

You guys are ‘Anti-Indian’ in the movie? We seen India is antagonist in the trailer and central conflict is with India. What do you say?
We are not anti-Indian. But, we are linkage with India whether this is our interest or not. I don’t wanna say India is antagonist in the Captain. We are trying to increase our will power through the movie. We just energies to that audience to win. I want to make clear that not only India, but we have to win over entire world; we are trying to deliver this message through movie.

We have will power but we are not delivering it properly, this is the big motivational factor in the movie. This is my understanding. When we see in politics about debate in nationalism, that might be just stunt. Movie has no political sense but we are linkage with the neighbor country India. There is merits and demerits between India and Nepal. Audience will easily relate this sentiment. So that, ‘Captain’ is not anti-Indian.

In recent trends, content driven movies are doing great guns over stardom, in this theory, how ‘Captain’ is strong?
The big challenge of the movie making is to make balance between stardom and content. In this movie, a star turns into character. This is not type of so-called Bollywood masala. I have made Anmol KC in as a character. This might be noble factor to the audience. Not only Football, in the movie there is various elements of entertainment, which audience will relate. We have done in sports drama but in the movie there is life of player and his journey. So that, this is also family drama. We have tried to make balance between commercial values and content.


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