BTS Song ‘Dynamite’ Topped YouTube Record in Nepal, The Govt To Downsize The Bandwidth of TikTok


South Korean teenage pop band BTS’s new music video Dynamite is trending in number one at Nepal since its release. On Monday, 24 August at Nepal Time 2:50, the video was in top trending, surpassing the second trending by Yabesh Thapa’s Mayalu.

According to Variety, According to YouTube’s public views counter, the BTS “Dynamite” video had 98.3 million views in the 24 hours after it went live on Friday. However, YouTube on Sunday said the official view count for the video’s first 24 hours was actually 101.1 million, a goal BTS’s extraordinarily passionate fanbase (aka BTS Army) had been hoping to achieve.

“We can confirm that BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Dynamite’ Official MV set a new all-time 24hr record, surpassing 100 million views with 101.1 million views in the first 24 hours,” a YouTube spokesman said in an email.

“Dynamite,” the group’s first song entirely in English, hit the No. 1 trending spot on YouTube globally within 12 hours of its debut. The video also notched a record for most-viewed YouTube Premiere with more than 3 million live concurrent viewers, YouTube confirmed.

Nepali people are sitting out the lockdown by using Chinese app TikTok have been complaining about slow internet speeds, said Bhoj Raj Bhatta, president of the Internet Service Providers’ Association Nepal.

After complain about the slow internet the government is planning to down the bandwidth of TikTok. According to data, the TikTok is occupying 25% bandwidth at Nepal, which made slowing the internet speed including disturbance in server.


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