Box Office: LILYBILY Takes a HUGE opening, Brings In Approx. Rs. 84 Lacs on Day 1


Lilybily has surpassed expectations big time at the Box Office. It was predicted that the movie would open in Rs. more than 1 crore range. Considering the fact that the screens were split between Lilybily and Nepte, it had turned out to be a challenging situation indeed for the Milan Chams directed movie to rake in very good numbers. That said, the impact has been minimal as the movie saw very good occupancy in the bargain with houseful tag against quite a few shows across the country.

According to makers, Lilybily collected 84 lacs gross in its opening day across the country. The ratio of the earning on Saturday surely will pickup due to New Year holiday and Saturday.

The movie has embarked on a very positive start and since this is the kind of an entertainer that is a lot more fun when seen in a packed house, the fun quotient has only gone higher up. Word of mouth for the movie is largely positive too. There are good reviews coming the movie’s way has spelt better news as well.

LIlybily has a mix of dramatic elements also along with the humor quotient which has surprised a few. However, family audiences come out in full force during Nepali New Year release period and that should actually add on to the footfalls, especially at the multiplexes. As a result, a very hefty weekend is round the corner.

Pradeep Khadka and Jassita Gurung starrer movie Lilybily released from more than 100 screens across the nation.

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