Blockbuster or Lackluster : “Chhakka Panja 2′ Might Take good Comeback


There is a reason to re-release of ‘Chhakka panja 2’ in theaters on Friday. Makers have already announced to donate the theatrical revenue to Hospital in Raskot, Karnali, which is being built by journalist Rabi Lamichhane.

In its previous launch, “Chhakka Panja 2′ approximately had earned Rs. 16 crore gross plus business at ticket windows. Now, all eyes are looking to its re-release, whether it would be blockbuster or lackluster. Could it repeat its history ?

Obviously, there is a strong chance of phenomenal run at ticket windows, because the movie has not been released in YouTube yet. Only, 5 Lakhs audience were watched the ‘Chhkka Panja 2’ and many weren’t get to chance to watch. Still there is huge demand for internet release of Chhakka panja 2, but makers are not in mood.

Still large chunk of the audience are waiting for re-release of this Deepakraj Giri starrer. Some of the audeince said to MM that, previously they weren’t able to watch the movie because they were in abroad. Now, these type of audience are waiting the moment.

Makers are seems clever regarding the re-release. That’s why they have re-edited the movie and added some fresh plots and scenes. ‘After interval, we have treat with fresh plots and footage, which are especial for audience’ actor Giri informed to MM.


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