BLIND ROCKS Drops First Song ‘Udhyo Man’ | Ft. Benisha Hamal


Here’s presenting the first song ‘Udhyo Man’ from the upcoming biopic ‘blind Rocks’. The song brings back the melody of classic song and its taste in big screen after long time.

Crooned by Banika Pradhan, penned by Naresh Bhattarai and music has been composed by Hari Lamsal. ‘Man Udhyo’ is a high adrenaline track which speaks about love and affection of life.

Enjoy the song right here :

‘The song is mixture of classic and Katthak dance’ director Milan Chams said to moviemandu, ‘After long time, we have been bringing such melody for audience.’

The song featuring Benisha Hamal, where she has played the role as Shristi Kc, a visually impaired girl and real character of movie. We feel so classic tone and dance in the song and Chams beautifully choreographed for actress.

The movie depicts the roller coaster life of KC, who lost her eyes during her childhood period. Movie also stars Arpan Thapa, Gauri Malla, Anil Shah and Basanta Bhatta. The biopic made under the banner of N Film Creation and Chams Entertainment.

The movie is slated to release on 2nd March in Nepal.


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