Bir Bikram 2 (Spoiler-Free) Reviews Are In After World Premiere


Milan Chams helmed movie ‘Bir Bikram 2’ has got quite positive review by an audience and critics. The movie organized grand royal premier at QFX Kumari on Wednesday night.

Cast and crew of the movie, celebs, journos and entrepreneurs were became eyeball during the blue-carpet premiere in Kumari premise. Especially, critics who were always accusing on poor screenplay, this time critics fraternity stand on ‘Bir Bikram 2’.

They thumbed up for this flick, starring Paul Shah, Najir Hussein, Buddi Tamang and Barsha Siwakoti. Who seen the movie during premiere, they said that screenplay of the movie is quite powerful and engaging.

Pradeep Bhardwaj is a screenplay writer, who earlier wrote ‘Changa Chet’. Actors Bhuwan KC, Sandeep Chhetri among some celebs pouring their good review on Bir Bikram 2. The movie, which was shoot at Mustang.

The movie essays the story of friendship. Three characters fell in love with a girl and conflict arise, friendship fall in crisis, finally movie came to the point that friendship is important. The movie slated to release on Friday.


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