Australia Changes Foreign Movie Policy, Nepal Will Have to Clear Tough Measures


Australia is biggest foreign market for Nepali movies. Now, the country has amended on its movie policy for foreign movies and festival. This policy would directly impact on Nepali movies, here’s how ? Let’s explain.

In each state of Australia, makers have been allowed for just four screening of the movie, but makers are organizing additional shows without permission. If they want to organize additional screenings, they have to clear censor and sponsorship process.

Recently, Australian Ministry of Arts and culture has forwarded the directive letter to movie theaters across the country. If makers want to show additional screening, he/she must submit censor letter before 20 days including Rs. 2 lakh for 50 Minutes run movies.

Last month, some legal advisers were submitted the complaint paper in ministry. Due to this policy, some Nepali movies will have to face tough measure by Australian governemnt including Jatrai jatra, Bir Bikram 2 and Daal Bhaat Tarkari.

We have compiled some screen-shot about this censor policy of Australia, which would be help for you.


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