Anmol KC Starrer CAPTAIN Struggles To Fix The Release Date : 14th Or 21st Sep ?


Apparently, Anmol KC starrer ‘Captain’ is a much awaited commercial movie of the year. The sports-romantic drama is being shot at many locations around the Kathmandu in and out.

We heard that, makers are struggling to fix the release date for the movie. They have not been fixed yet the release date, but distributor has proposed the date for Sep 14th or 21st Sep.

‘Among these two dates will be fixed’ said distributor Mr. Manoj Rathi to MM, ‘we will announce the date next week amid press function.’ During the time, makers are planning to release a song, which was shot at Mustang last month.

Captain, movie helmed by Diwakar Bhattarai, who famously known as ditrector of ‘Aishwarya’. There is a story of football and love story of a boy-girl, which has pivotal role of junior KC, son of Bhuwan.


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