American University To Preserve Historical Nepali Movies PREMPINDA And Aadikabi Bhanu Bhakta


United States based University of California will preserve two historical Nepali movies ‘Prempinda’ and ‘Aadi Kavi Bhanubhakta’. Yadav Kharel directorial movies portrayed the period of Rana Regime.

University has its second biggest library in America after Library of Congress. Issuing the press release on Monday, director Kharel informed that the director of library Mr. Christopher Horak shown his optimism to understand the history and language of Nepal.

Director Yadav Kharel. Photo : Kantipur Daily

Kharel also said that Nepal has not been able to save and preserve his movie. ‘We can’t understand that movie is also the history and should be preserved, historical films are being finishing’ he said, ‘I have given the films with the assurance of protection.’

Archive also will keep them in digital format, Kharel said. Mr. Samrat Kharel, US return son of Mr. Kharel said, he found the films copy with dust and garbage.

Prempinda (2050), essay the love story of a Rana officer who falls in love with her own servant. Neer Shah, Sunny Rauniyar and Saroj Khanal are lead role. While, ‘Aadikabi Bhanubhakta’ depics the biography of legend poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya in screen.


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