All Eyes On DAMARUKO DANDIBIYO : Here’s How Sports Drama Is Rising


After its tremendous response of trailer, Khagendra Lamichhane starrer sports drama ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ is eying for enormous box office performance. Audience is defiantly marking the release date for Friday and excited too.

Not only performance of Mr. Lamichhane attracted the eyeballs, however, making of trailer and its style touched the heart of audience, which could fuel for its opening. We have some logic that how Damaruko Dandibiyo might be the game changer in Nepali BO and create the landmark for genre of sports drama.

A game Dandibiyo is not only the game; it has huge cultural and geographical values for Nepali society. The movie depicts the conflict of family, relationship and values through the medium of Dandibiyo game. Those audience who came from hilly village to urban cities for better life might be quite nostalgic when see this movie.

The memory, which was missed in their past might be fresh again by the Damaruko Dandibiyo. Population of hilly village in town is so huge, they already transformed into middle class and they have good access into luxurious multiplexes theatre. This movie might get this audience in connection with Dandibiyo.

In another hand, Mr. Lamichhane is the icon who made this replica from the movie ‘Pashupati Prasad’. Audience is eagerly waiting his comeback with good one, which they want to see Lamichhane as their real life character. Personal cult of Lamichhane might be other elements of fueling the opening.

In recent years, Nepali movie has been witnessing with genre of sports drama. This is the rising genre for our industry and defiantly people have attached emotional and social values too. Tscheten Gurung hemled Damaruko Dandibiyo is releasing Friday across Nepal.


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