Aamir Khan CONFIRMS Mogul! Here’s Why He Decided To Get Back On-Board


In a major development, Aamir Khan has reversed his earlier decision to step aside from Gulshan Kumar biopic titled as Mogul. Aamir has definitely set a new precedent by working with the director and shares that his intrepid step comes from the fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty and the courts will serve the ultimate justice.

Talking to Hindustan Times on why this sudden change to return to ‘Mogul’, Aamir Khan shares, “Well, Kiran and I were producing Mogul and I was acting in it. When we were doing the film we did not know that there was a case against Mr Subash Kapoor. I believe it is a five or six-year-old case. We are not too much in the media space, so I guess it slipped our attention. Last year, during the Me-Too movement, mention of this case came up. That’s when we got to know about it, and we were most disturbed. Kiran and I spoke about it at length. We were in a big dilemma for more than a week”.

Telling Hindustan Times about all the details on how the reversal was decided on, Aamir Khan Khan has definitely taken the courageous decision despite being a personality in the public eye to bring in a new wave. With this, Aamir Khan is all set to play a central role in Gulshan Kumar’s biopic which will be directed by Subhash Kapoor in ‘Mogul’.


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