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Rating: Really?

The third part of the franchise ‘A Mero Hajur’ releasing this Friday is story of a sassy girl who is head over heels for a rock star. The rock star is bound by a contract, his life is managed by his mentor and he rarely appears in public. However, he likes to be with his childhood friend and lives with him in disguise whenever he finds time to break away from his starry life. Wait, the rock star in disguise also is in love with the girl, but can’t reveal that because of the contract. So he, in disguise, stalks the girl in the name of love. But the girl, not knowing that the stalker in disguise is the rock star himself, only ridicules and insults him. Will the dork manage to win the heart of the girl or the girl will win the heart of the rock star, the journey to that revelation makes up the rest of the story.

Nepali movie industry is in real trouble at the moment. Almost one hundred movies released in the year 2075 and only two managed to become financially successful ventures. However, to regular Nepali movie goers, this comes as a no surprise as most of the movies churned out in our tinsel town are pure bore fests barely passable as movie versions of cringe pop. A Mero Hajur 3, probably this year’s two of the last releases takes the similar path. One may sit down to write about this movie and remain seated for a while, only to find that there’s barely anything positive to write about it.

Many dialogues in the movie are directly borrowed and translated from Bollywood movies, ditto for many scenes and sub plots. The forced wedding scene and melodrama within, act of identity concealment, boy trying to win the heart of a girl as a dork while he is someone of substance and the leads spreading their arms and female actor dancing with skimpy outfit even in the snow of‘poor man’s Switzerland’ (read Annapurna or Everest region), there is nothing new in this lousy affair. How many times are they going to show Anmol KC walking in slow motion with his bodyguards around?For crying out loud, we as movie goers want and expect more from him as he is more-than-half-a dozen-movie-old in the industry now.

The movie tries to raise voices of sexual and ethnic minorities, but also doesn’t shy away from stereotyping and body shaming the characters. It starts as a musical love story, gradually turns into a sex comedy and ends up as a medical drama. Watching this movie, one may ponder if the makers are deliberately trying to obfuscate the viewers by hiding the truth that they don’t know what to do with the producer’s money at hand apart from turning it into a Launchpad for the latter’s daughter into the industry (which is what the producers have wanted). Some dialogues and scenes are so vulgar that to watch this movie with family is not advisable. They are cringe worthy to say the least even if you are watching it alone.

Producer: Sunil Kumar Thapa
Director: Jharana Thapa
Cast: Anmol KC, Salon Basnet, Suhana Thapa, Arpan Thapa, SarojKhanal, Rabindra Jha, Rupa Ghising, Rakshya Gautam, Bishal Pahadiet al.


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