7 Tips of Director Prakash Jha From His Master-Class, Everything You Need To Know


Bollywood director Mr Prakash Jha is in Kathmandu to attend third Nepal International Film Festival. On Saturday he took masterclass on film-making. Here’s the Bollywood film-maker has spoke critically on film, politics and tendency.

From the stage, legendary Bollywood director also announced his upcoming movie ‘Janadesh’.

1) Drama should be usual, not unusual
2) Everything is politics, even film and acting too.
3) Inside the movie everyone is actor, not the crowd.
4) If you are not making the movie for money, that’s biggest illusion.
5) I’m always in opposition, that’s why big political party doesn’t prefer me.
6) The tips of success in film-making is being honest. Intention should be clear that why you are making movie.
7) Democracy is being ruined. That’s why the movie have to vocal for the rights of the people.


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