64 Nepali Movies Are in Limbo, 100 Cr Plus Loss in Production Amid Lockdown !


Nepal has been under a lockdown since 11 Chaitra, 2076 to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Nepali movie industry come to a halt, affecting about a ten of thousand people — according to the Producers Association of Nepal — who are directly or indirectly employed by the movie industry. Many are without work and wages.

The recent report by the Association says that more than 64 movies have been directly affected by the pandemic. The 42 movies were about to release, while 22 of them have cancelled their shooting and post-production activities.

According to Mr. Karan Shrestha, head of the film distribution and exhibition department of Nepal Motion Picture Association informed to MM that Nepali movie has lost Rs 1 hundred crore (Rs 1 Arba) due to this pandemic during three months of virus lockdown.

‘I’m not sure, when the situation will be normal and when theaters will re-open’ Shrestha said. Meanwhile, Nepal Film Development Board is planning to submit the report about Pandemic Crisis to the government.

The industry also will lose huge in exhibition sector except production. Member of the NEpal Film Devlopment Board Mr Narendra Maharjan said the FDB will handover its report to the communication ministry soon. Nepal made more than 100 movies in 2076.

The film industry effectively shut down in mid-March when the producers’ guild decided to stop filming and most of the movie theaters across Nepal were closed. Industry has a calendar tightly packed with release dates for new movies.

As the pandemic closed down the theaters, some of the year’s biggest movies, scheduled to open in March and April, have been indefinitely postponed. It is impossible to predict when theaters will open, and even when they do, when audiences will feel safe enough to venture in again.


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