20th Century Fox Is No More, As Disney Renames Studio


Don’t expect to see that classic Fox logo up there for too much longer.

Variety reports that Disney is rebranding the studios it bought from Fox last year. 20th Century Fox will become “20th Century Studios” while “Fox Searchlight Pictures” is now simply “Searchlight Pictures.”

There are still more changes to make:

These moves are not ent” irely shocking: Rupert Murdoch’s company is still called Fox Corporation. (It was previously 21st Century Fox until Disney’s purchase.)

It’s sort of weird to rename something “20th Century Pictures” in the 21st century, even if those two words were a big part of the original company’s identity and famous logo for decades. (The simple “Searchlight Pictures” makes a lot more sense.)

Then again, what else are you going to call it? You can’t keep the Fox part. If you want to maintain that connection to the studio’s past — which includes the making of classics like The Sound of Music, Alien, Star Wars, Die Hard, and many others — there aren’t many other options.


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