SILVER BANGLES Drops The Poster Featuring Reecha Sharma


The short movie ‘Silver Bangles’, featuring Arpan Thapa and Reecha Sharma has unveiled its official festival poster. The looks of Reecha and her screen daughter, will take away from the poster.

Her simple avatar on a so-called Dalit girl defines her character in the film. The film is based on unusual relation between a Dalit boy and a Brahamin girl, their struggle to succeed for a new lease of life and post union effort for a baby in the time when the entire community was under the threat from armed insurgency.

Director Roshan Bikram Hamal said that he has tried his best to foreground a pertinent issue existed overwhelmingly in the society.

He added ‘I attempted to inculcate caste and gender issues in film which attempt to juxtapose modern technology with art and culture can be quintessentially seen in film.’

This is the first non-fiction short movie by the director, who already directed the feature movie ‘Rang’. The film, Silver Bangles, was shortlisted in Sundance Festival and under evaluation in Toronto and Berlin. The film will showcase in upcoming Ekadeshma Short Film Festival.


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