FATEKO JUTTA Is Still Ruling At The BO | Makers Announced 2nd Sequel Without Priyanka Karki


‘Fateko Jutta’ starring Saugat Malla and Priyanka Karki continues to spread its magic at the box office as it earning towards 2 crore plus opening week collection. The movie has completed its 1st very successful weeks.

Meanwhile, makers have announced their second sequel for movie in an organized press meet on Thursday. Producer Arjun Kumar made announcement of second installment without female lead Priyanka Karki.

Director Nikes Khadka and lead casts of the movie including Saugat Malla will be continued. ‘Priyanka won’t be continued’ said Kumar, ‘rest of the others will continue.’ According to him, half of the script writing has been completed.

It shows that there is something is happening between producer Kumar and actress Karki. During the publicity campaign, Karki wasn’t physically active, however she done publicity via social sites.

Fateko Jutta 2 will hits theatres on 1st Baisakh, 2075.


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