ROMEO Trailer Starring Hasan Raza Khan, Nisha Adhikari And Oshima Banu Is Out


The makers of ‘Romeo’ have kept Hasan Raza Khan and Oshima Banu fans hooked to their movie with some amazing stills and posters. The makers have now released their trailer of the movie and we must say the trailer is going to blow your mind away.

The trailer has some fantastic highlight and twists between characters. It seems that there is triangle love between Hasan, Oshima and Nisha and conflict will arise. This is debut movie for model turned actress Oshima and she will be the first Muslim actress of country.

Melina Manadhar is back after long time and defiantly she might be the key character of the movie. There is emotion, action and drama in the trailer indeed, that’s why this is the complete package of dose of entertainment.

Shankar Karki directorial movie has the lead role of Hasan, Oshima, Nisha, Melina and Bikash Khatiwada, produced by Ashika Shrestha and Bishnu Karki. Movie slated to release on 24th Kartik. What do you think about the trailer? Watch the trailer here :


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