Keki Adhikari Debuts In AISHWARYA’s New Posters | In Which League For She Joined : Hero Or Anti-Hero ?


Finally, the makers of movie ‘Aishwarya’ have unveiled their new posters on Thuesday, featuring Keki Adhikari and other major chracaters of the movie.

This is the debut poster for Keki where she looks stunning with two key male chracaters including Ramesh Uprety and Prashant Tamrakar. The latest posters of Aishwarya has created some curiosity among audiences, where Keki shared the space with protagonist Uprety and Antagonist Tamrakar.

Makers were hiding the keki from their posters and publicity campaign earlier. However, in the trailer was given the important space to her. ‘This is our publicity planning’ said director Diwakar Bhattarai, ‘Movie has the important role of Keki.’

The movie starring Ramesh, Deepika Prasain and Prashant is being anticipated among audiences. From the starting of trailer, movie had gripped the hype and now, exhibitor and distributor are also excited regarding the movie.

The romantic and action drama slated to release on 9th Kartik.


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