CHHAKKA PANJA 3 Gets Release Date | Plot, Cast And Producer Everything You Need To Know


Stay alert! Makers of Nepali magnum opus ‘Chhakka Panja’ have announced their third sequel along with release date. Actor cum producer Deepak Raj Giri confirmed the third installment, release date and some key changes in the sequel.

The movie will be released on Dashain’s Fulpati day in next year 2075. In the wake of huge business at the box office, makers unveiled their planning regarding third franchise. ‘It’s gonna be huge and we have to maintain our brand’ Giri said.

The script writing will be geared up from Mangsir and shooting will begin from Baisakh. Makers are in mood to bring huge changes in third installment including with producer, cast, story and writing, Giri conformed.

Executive Producer of second sequel, Mr. Bikash Raj Acharya will be ousted, while Dhurmus aka Sitaram Kattel and Nirmal Sharma might be returned. Who will direct the third sequel, Still not conformed yet. ‘We are planning to bring Dhurmus and Nirmal dai in board’ Giri said,’even director will conform after discussion within team’.

‘We will correct some changes in script and style of writing’ he said, ‘audience are seeking simplicity on storytelling from us, we have felt that there was some complexity in second half of second sequel’ giri said, ‘We will make simple and understanding storytelling and we need to be more focused on social research before writing the script indeed.’

The writing process will start after the finish of ‘Shatru Gate’, which is on floor, starring team of Chhakka Panja.


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