HAPPY DAYS Song ‘Chepte’ Debuts Online | Makers Announced Nepal Release Date


The first song from the movie ‘Happy Days’ debuted in cyber space today and definitely it gonna to be blockbuster. The song, Chepte Chepte, has featuring Dayahang Rai and Deeya Maskey.

In first time actor Dayahang Rai has played such folk song with his attractive dance step. Director and producer Milan Chams has brought his ‘Bir Bikram’ couple in his latest movie once again.

Rajan Raj Shiwokoti has crooned the song with Anju Pant and given his beautiful composition. Kabi Raj Gahatraj is dance director and he created good step for Daya and Deeya in the backdrop of Himalayan village.

The makers also unveiled the release date on 12th Magh, director Chams Comformed. Movie has the lead role of Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki, Sanjya Gupta, Vikky Joshi. Movie made under the banner of London Cine Eye and Chams Entertainment.


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