Laure And sacar Feud Ends, Meet In Sydney : WATCH VIDEO


Finally, the feud between two rappers Laure and Sacar, has came to end. Laure posted apologize video by Sacar on his Facebook account on Friday, after they met in Sydney, Australia.

‘Sorry Laure Dai, Kenjel, my mother, father and sister, I won’t say anything against you’ Sacar, who is famous by his rap name Lilbuddha said that, ‘Sorry Laure dai, I won’t say Katta Hanchu over you.’

The feud was started in July this year with a Facebook live video by Sacar. He had accusing the laure to be one of the reason for behind the Yama Buddha’s death.

Laure captioned : SACAR ko kalaa lai maile sadhai kadar garekochu. Tara bigat ko din haru ma, uh bhitra negativity le nikkai thulo kabja jamayeko rahecha ra asha garau yehi bijaya dashami ko awasar ma uh bhitra ko negativity lai positive energy le jitne cha bhanera. I wish him all the best for his musical career. After all we are from same nepali hiphop family. Mata durga bhawani le sabai ko rakhshya garun.. Happy dashain..


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