Priyanka Chopra Watched Nepali Movie PAHUNA, Here Is What She Said About Nepali Language : Watch Video


Priyanka Chopra’s home production movie ‘Pahuna : the little visitors’ has premiered at Toronto Film Festival. Taking with media, the actress said that the movie is relevant to incumbent refugee crisis across the world.

The movie depicts the two Nepali orphanage kids who being migrated to India’s Sikkim and Darjeeling, border town with Nepal, where Nepali speaking peoples’ lives.

‘This is subtitle movie, the language which is Nepalese, because these kids from Nepal. Which is the border out site of the India. This is a language probably point zero-zero one percent peoples speak in the world. Even I read the subtitles, when I was watching it’ she said.

‘In Q and A, I had so many non-Indian and non-south Asian people, who just stood up for how important film like this is right now. This is the movie, which will be place anywhere’ she added, ‘The movie extremely talking about refugee crisis, religious converging.’

The movie made under the banner of Chopra. She said, what really surprised her about the film so far has been the reaction from kids, including one 7- year old who asked a question at the movie’s premiere.

In the movie all Nepali speaks artist have been doing acting.


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