NEFTA Vowed To Expand Nepali Movie To Int’l Arena: What Government Has To Say ?


Nepal Film Technician Association, NEFTA, has vowed to expand and develop the Nepal movie industry to international level. In an eighteenth annual general convention, president of the NEFTA, Mr. Puskar Lama said that the organization will take further step to make industry more prosperous along with professionalism and skill development of its members.

Addressing the convention, Chief Guest and land reform minister Mr. Gopal Dahit said that technician is more important in sector of media and movie industry than others. ‘I think, without technician, we can’t think the real development of movie and media’ he said, ‘the government will take necessary step to help NEFTA, technician are hero of behind the scene.’

President Lama announced that his organization will achieve more success than previous year. ‘We established an emergency fund for technician who is suffering from problem’ he said, ‘We will guarantee the right of technician and their skill development in further year.’

He vowed to change the style of NEFTA movie award and work on expand of cultural, market and diplomatic dimension to Diaspora. He demanded the necessary representation of technician in Film development board and land for its own office to the government.

During the event, NEFTA honored to its immediate president Mr. Manoj Kumar KC and 8 media personas, who contributed on its 9th award at Dubai last year. NEFTA is planning to announce its 10th edition of award soon.


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