Rajesh Hamal And Samragyee RL Shah Debuts On Twitter


Megastar Rajesh Hamal and actress Samragyee RL Shah have debuted on social media website Twitter and fans welcomed them.

Last week, both stars landed in Twitter with their photos and publicity of the movies. However, Mr. hamal had opened the Twitter account on November 2014 but he was passive, now he has been active.

Hamal is active on social sites after marriage, where he has been posting his adorable moments with wife Madhu. Aftre the facebook, this is another platform for Mr. Hamal, where keeping update to audience.

Actress Shah also made her debut in Twitter on October 2016, but now she is quite active on Twitter. She continuely posting the photo and information about her latest movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2.’

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