WOW! Tasveer Festival Announces Its 12th Edition Will Focus On Nepal


Anjana Sharma

12th Annual Tasveer South Asian Film Festival has been announced focusing on Nepal from October 6-15, 2017.

TSAFF is the major South Asian Film Festival that takes place in the United States. New edition of festival flashes the cultural pride and diversity of Nepal. The festival provides over 45 enticing and significant films along with forums on South Asia.

It also facilitates the viewers to indulge in an open dialogue on Human Rights, social, political and economic unfairness. From October 6-15-2017 the festival will run all over Seattle. The tickets will be sold from September 6, 2017.

Tasveer, initially established as a grassroots organization also provides a stand to raise the voice of the South Asians. Various films, workshops, monologues, talks, and panel discussions are held where the Festival intends to commence a discourse to bridge the ideas among the individuals, and communities thereby creating the more content and healthy communities.

The festival took place in Bangladesh last year. After the massive earthquake in Nepal much devastation took place and as the country has got the flow by flourishing tourism and art as well, Tasveer will be the perfect time to upgrade the Seattle community with the tasks of the filmmakers as said by Rita Meher, co-founder and exective director of Tasveer.

More than 45 films are scheduled this year and around 10 of those films will be committed to Nepal. The Opening Night Red Carpet and screening will be featured in Nepal together with the symposium, panel discussions and workshops at the University of Washington’s South Asia Center.

TSAFF marks the work of the filmmakers from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. At, the details of the schedule and appearances of the filmmakers will be declared in early September.


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