CHHAKKA PANJA 2 Debuts New Poster Ahead of Teaser Release


The sequel to ‘Chhakka Panja’ has a new poster.

The upcoming movie has been given the title ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ and will be released 11 Asoj, 2074.



Seven lead characters are being feature in poster including Deepak Raj Giri, Buddi Tamang, Jitu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire, Priyanka Karki, Swostima Khadka and Barsha Raut.

Director Niraula shared a poster via her Facebook page, where we could see three actresses seems as bride costume. Giri and Tamang are riding the bike, which shot was taken from its prequel.

‘Chhakka Panja’ earned 16 crore gross at the Nepal Box office in 2073 and it was the higest grosser movie in Nepali industry.


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