Catch Aana And Aashirmaan Starrer Kick-Ass Trailer for GANGSTER BLUES


Hemraj BC is well known movie director who has done some romantic drama like Hostel, Jerry and Gajalu. This time Mr. BC is comeback with the gangster flick ‘Gangster Blues’, which is all set to on 3 Bhadra.

The official trailer of the movie ‘Gangster Blues’ has been released amid function organized in Kathmandu on Tuesday. Makers and cast of the movie have shared the information about project.

Debut actor Ashirman Shrestha, actor Samyam Puri, Aana Sharma and Rojia Shahi shared their experience about shooting and their expectation from project. The trailer is full packed action and romantic, where we could see some intimate scene between Aana and Aashirman.

Director Rambabu Gurung has been debut as actor, where he being portrayed as role of cop. Whereas, Rojisa seems negative character, but she denied to revealed her character. Check out the trailer right here :


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