TUBELIGHT Teaser Review: Salman And Kabir Khan Promises Yet Another Heartwarming Tale


Although their first film became the highest grosser of the year, the movie got criticized for its weak storyline. But with their second collaboration, both the actor and director silenced all the critics and reviewers and won everyone’s heart. Now Salman Khan and Kabir Khan are back with yet another heart touching human drama.

The teaser of ‘Tubelight’ that dropped last night on YouTube, has left everyone speechless and frantic. The 1.40 minute teaser captures many facets of the film without revealing anything about plot. The gorgeous vistas, soothing background score and Salman’s innocency makes the teaser thrilling and blissfully fascinating.

Salman plays a character named Laxman who is a mentally-impaired man and has landed in a war zone on quest of his missing brother (played by his real brother Sohail Khan) who is an army and is fighting the Sino-Indian war 1962. Laxman believes that faith is like a tubelight, it takes time to light up but when it does, it illuminates everything around it. His character seems a flicker of hope amid 1962 Indo-China war, the backdrop in which the film is set.

“If people have thought that Salman’s performance is special in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, then his performance in Tubelight is five times better than it,” Kabir had said few months back and we must admit that he was right. In every scene Salman has excelled and is not less than extraordinary. He has made the teaser a complete Salman Khan fare with his innocence and innocuous charm. He brightens up the screens every time he appears on screen.

Salman’s innocent antics and his childish mannerisms win hearts of everyone. Though the teaser also offers glimpses of Sohail Khan and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, the highlight of the teaser remains terrific acting prowess portrayed by Salman and his amazing bond with child artist Matin Rey Tangu.

Aseem Mishra’s cinematography is spectacular and apropos and makes the teaser vibrant. The background music that we hear in teaser excites us for the songs and if we go by the industry sources, the music album of ‘Tubelight’ will be one of the best in recent past and the among the finest work by Pritam, the music director of the film.

By the teaser, ‘Tubelight’ looks like an exciting innocent adventure and kinda tearjerker filled with various elements including emotions, romance, and war. It promises yet another heartwarming tale which will be loved by each and every generation moviegoers.

Without a doubt, ‘Tubelight’ is going to be a sure shot winner at box office. It’s the craze generated by only teaser, a full trailer is still to be out. The Salman Khan Mania officially begins with the teaser and we can’t wait to catch it in cinemas this Eid.

The film releases in India and worldwide on 23rd June followed by its grand release in China on 25th June.



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