Rajesh Hamal to Aaryan Sigdel to Star in Awaited TV Series 10 TO 5


The key essence of Nirmal Sharma is to satire upon human nuisance and social dogmatism. The new TV series, 10 to 5, might be important for ‘Tito Satya’ famed director and actor.




From the official trailer of the series, Mr. Sharma has given his clear message of comeback in television, after one year long gap. One time’s ‘Gaida’, famous character from Tito Satya, is planning to bring his directorial series ’10 to 5′.

‘We will portray the conflict and story inside office room’ Sharma said with MM, ‘It will be corporate satire and office room drama.’ He has plan to bring superstars of Nepal, Rajesh Hamal to Aryan Sigdel, into the each episode.

Series have the pivotal role of Ravi sharma, Nirmal, Rajni kc, Keshab Bhattarai, Kamal Mainali and Rishi Dhamala. In the trailer, these actors were being portrayed. The series will brodcast from AP1 TV, which is airing soon.


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