10 Questions to Anmol KC : Here’s Why He Want to Be Trendsetter


Anmol KC is gen-X actor of Nepalese tinsel-town. He starrer sports drama ‘Captain’ is all set to release on 1st March, 2019. He has been portraying in as football player. In talk with MM, junir KC shared his opinion about movie, market, acting and why he wants to be real actor. EXCERPT :

Why you need to be trendsetter, for you movie is art or money?
I always tried to set the trend because I have been seen a lot of movies are coming up. Everybody has been following same pattern, so I think always necessary that with come up new ideas and try to set new trend since my debut. So I believe that if I always follow this route then it would be better for audience as well. They would get to know the different side and different characters I would portray.

Definitely I would go for art, money is just a number and end of the day when you died there is nothing take with you. It’s just and name and reputation you have that’s stays with you forever. So I think, money is just a number.

Are you star or actor? If you an actor, Who is Ishan Khadka ? Is he hero or character?
If you ask me as an individual, I’m an actor but the movie ‘Captain’ I have been portraying the character of Ishan. In the movie you won’t be able to see me as Anmol KC myself but the character Ishan himself.

Is captain driven by content or stardom?
Yes, definitely ‘Captain’ is driven by content as you can see in the trailer and the songs. It is not commercialize and the way you can see my wardrobe I have been wearing the dresses that a coming young fellow from my age group would buy. I have been buy more than the cost of thousand rupee my wardrobe as well so I think captain is more content driven and in the movie more than the heroism tried more on portraying the character itself.

We seen in the trailer, India is antagonist, Are you guys are anti-Indian?
In the movie as a script defiantly India has been shown as a Nepal’s rival but if you talk about me in person, then I totally support India and it would be wrong to go against India. According to storyline India has been shown bit anti Nepal feel. I believe that none of the team member consider as India as our anti in the real life.

How sports drama could relate with Nepali audience, where sports is least priority in government policy.
I still see lot of football fans here and lot of youngsters are more into sports even for their physical fitness. It’s just that there never right platform for them to be the witness and see what sports drama is trying to say. But it’s not about what kind of movies are doing well of what kind of movies are hitting the box office. It’s just about trying new things and I believe that sports can also hit the mass audience if presented in better way.

So that, it has commercial values as well, right?
Defiantly, not just patriotic and football drama, it definitely has some commercial value because how the trend has been change now. It’s not a documentary; it has lots of ups and downs, drama, songs. I think it’s a family movie too.

Some critics often say in Nepal that movie acting is dying. Actors are turning into poster boys. Do you agree?
I think, in general that statement do apply, but I believe there good actors as well who trying to good for the industry and who trying to give best. They are not just following for the commercial sector but also trying to uplift the Nepali movie industry through different kind of graphs. So I think, there are certain people who believe in that statement, but I’m not one of those.

What is the biggest setback of Nepali movie ? Market, narrative or acting?
Marketwise Nepali movie is still lacking a bit because compete to Hollywood and Bollywood but I think what’s the strongest point about our market is that we have that pride and love towards our Nepali movie industry. Everybody loves Nepali movie and there is more love towards the nation’s product. It’s also fault of Nepali movie makers they are not genuine and they try to just exploit the market by commercializing it much. If it’s good content then our Nepali audience will defiantly love our movies.

Do you realize that you have to improve your acting skills? What growth you are making in the captain as an actor?
I have lot of time left in this industry; I’m growing as an actor. I wouldn’t say I’m perfect. Definitely I’m in the learning phase. I think, I have been growing since my first movie, not just by my acting but by my experience as well. And, I have been learning lot. I’m trying to be close of perfection.


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